Monday, 21 February 2011

cicak tokek

A type of lizard called Gecko (Gecko Tockay), which has been hunted in recent years as supposed to be quite lucrative commercial value, has led to the suspicion that some people feel willing to mortgage money for the purpose of getting the creatures to be sold again.
Because of the lucrative prices offered for these lizards, buying and selling has become a small industry in rural areas in the north of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak.
Recently, a reporter Komunitikini a chance to meet people of Sabah who has been residing in Kuala Lumpur. He spoke of his experience to spend a lot of money to get the lizard.
However, what is expected to be true, does not happen like that diidam-hunting desire since the start of the reptiles. In fact, he himself was deceived by a person in public opinion can be categorized as a pious and trustworthy.
At first he refused to tell her story, but after pressure from journalists in the interest of the public, so he agreed on condition that his real name and picture not be published.
The man was aged in the range of 30-s and just want to be known as Yus said he began looking for Gecko in early 2010 after being told by colleagues that a high commercial value.
Demand for Gecko lizards are said to be very high because it is used in traditional medicine. Gecko tongue is said to cure AIDS and the blood and gall can cure cancer. Meat is also diura gecko-ura syawat raise passions.
"I was attracted to it. Starting from that, I started looking for sources of information about it, "said 'Yus.'
However, he was not directly involved in the arrest of Gecko, but only to give wages to those who catch it, or buy it at a price cheaper than market prices.
Gecko has a lot to see but they are not taxable because of its small size and light weight makes it not suitable for sale. Buyers generally buy only gecko that has more than 300 grams of weight. A gecko can be said to fetch between RM25, 000 to RM35, 000.
One day, he was acquainted with a man while sitting drinking a coffee shop near his home.
This man is not trusted by Yus local residents, have good character and trustworthy.
Yus said again, "this person looks wise, and he rarely left his prayer time."
However, the topic of Gecko just come out of them only after a few months to meet when the person is suddenly talking about the Gecko is found in the southern Philippines.
"People do not know that my colleagues are also looking for Gecko. We never told him. But at first we just keep quiet when he talked. He talked about his contacts there and can catch the Gecko is readily available in the area of ​​residence, "Yus said, adding that the person claiming Gecko can be found there at a low price despite having sufficient weight for sale.
Finally, after some time, Yus and friends decided to deal with this.
According to the Yus again that he seems surprised when they expressed a desire he was asked to mediate in the transaction said.
"Finally the time was agreed and asked that he be able to contact the first acquaintance. Three days later he told us that the acquaintance was there to save some tail Gecko is ready for sale, "added Yus.
And Yus and friends also provide tens of thousands of dollars of revenue sharing between them.
As the character and nature of these pious people who can be trusted, so they decide to hand over the cash the hands of the person.
Yus and friends will be convinced that money is safe in his hand and the Gecko would be brought back within a week.
Yus said, "It is true that person back within a week but nothing was taken back to Gecko. The person is told how at the same time one of Sabah is also home acquaintance and offer prices much better than them. Acquaintance then sell it on the person. "
Money was handed over to them, but the interval was a week later the contact re-Yus and friends have been informed that the acquaintance was able to capture some of the new tail Gecko.
This time, the acquaintance was assured Gecko-Gecko will sell it to them in accordance with the original price agreed upon.
Then Yus and friends also handed back the money he brought to the southern Philippines next two days.
However, after waiting for a week, people did not appear and so is the week of the second, third and so on.
"Already we are waiting for months but she is also showing. Our hearts are restless and angry. Finally one day we heard about this guy that makes our wide-open. "Add Yus who also delivered a total of tens of thousands of dollars to the person.
Resources they have told me that the person was married to a girl in the southern Philippines.
Finally Yus and friends realize that they have been duped by these people. Money is deposited them in the person apparently has been used for wedding expenses.
"We also know that these people already know that we are looking for Gecko. He knows of someone who had dealings with us before, "said Yus.
Yus and friends turned out that people were being targeted to get money to marry her.
The rice has become porridge for Yus and friends because they are difficult to track these people let alone recover their money.
Finally, Yus bring him to Kuala Lumpur for the purpose of finding inner peace as a result can be tricked by the wise
When asked what his plans after this, he said, he wanted to find a job and lived here until he is ready again to go back to Sabah.
About people who cheat them, Yus said that every evil will definitely return soon.
"I would never cheat. Maybe this is a consideration for me. Now I think how heart disease when people cheated, "said Yus end the conversation.


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